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Arogyam Health Tourism @ Bankura

At Arogyam , we believe in the holistic process of healing and health tourism is a part of it. Bankura, with its hills and forests offer such a natural setting that it has a therapeutic effect on your body and soul. Arogyam arranges for different health tourism packages for its clients in and around Bankura.

Package 1 (1 night 2 days)

This package takes you to the temples and historical relics of Malla Kings in Bishnupur, to Jairambati and Kamarpukur where Maa Sarada and Sri Ramakrishna were born. Finally the trip comes to an end with a visit to the lush forest of Jaipur.

Package 2 (2 nights 3 days)

It has Bishnupur, Mukutmanipur and Susunia as tourist destinations. While the hills, natural dam and deer park of Mukutmanipur are really tempting; Susunia is an ideal place for climbing. The scriptures of King Chandraverma are an additional attraction for those who love history.

Package 3 (3 nights 3 days)

This is the longest tour of the package which includes a trip to Ayodhya hill in Bankura’s neighbouring district Purulia. The rocky terrain of Ayodhya and Baghmundi make a breathtaking landscape which you cannot afford to miss!

Apart from these spots there are so many places in Bankura that are good for a weekend trip. Sutan , Korar Hills, Jhilimili, Joychandi hill , Kashipur Palace ( Adra)… the list is a long one.

Along with trips, Arogyam organizes different massages/bath/spa for its loyalists. Step in and you will go home a new person- energetic and relaxed.

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